Doug Hogue Award

Dr. Douglas Hogue bequeathed funds to the department to establish an award to be presented each year. One graduate student is recognized for exceptional dedication and achievement in research and intradepartmental student activity.

Born in 1962, Doug completed his diploma in chemical engineering at NAIT in Edmonton. He followed this with a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Alberta. Postdoctoral positions found him in Madison, Wisconsin and in Vancouver, B.C.

Although brief, Doug's life was full of exploration and accomplishment. From an early age, he excelled in athletics. Ice hockey was his first love, culminating in an offer from the Montreal Canadiens. He also counted football, squash, skiing, snowboarding, and fly-fishing among his other athletic enthusiasms.

Doug's love of the natural world as well as his insatiable curiosity led him to many diverse and unusual destinations. His interest in photography, music, gardening, hiking, wine, food, and conversation was fueled by these many journeys. He had a great enthusiasm for life, a love of science and a keen sense of adventure. His irrepressible humour, generosity of spirit, and valuation of friendship truly distinguished him.

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Year Student
2022 Kathleen Vergunst
2020 Jeffrey Simmons
2019 Shannon Sibbald
2018 Sergio Muñoz-Gómez
2015 Sarah Aboushawareb
2014 Rafaela Andrade-Vieira
2013 Barry Kennedy
2012 Courtney Stairs
2011 David Langelaan
2010 Peter Murphy
2009 Gerrit Volkmann
2008 Patricia Mitchell
2007 Faylene Lunn
2006 Amin Majdalawieh
2005 Anathea Flaman
2004 Charles Bullerwell
2003 Ryan Perry