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Thinking of choosing biochemistry as your major?

Many students first become aware of biochemistry and molecular biology while still in high school. In university, first year biology courses show how biochemical facts and concepts are woven into modern biology, from genetics to ecology. Thus, most science students have a good idea of what biochemistry is all about by the time they choose their second year courses, and many take some biochemistry as part of their degree programs.

Declaring biochemistry as your major

You could focus on biochemistry as your major, or chose to combine with another subject area such as chemistry, microbiology, neurobiology, environment sustainability & society, business or even arts.

Quick reference documents

The following guides are a quick reference to key facts about our programs:

Undergraduate advisors

Talking can often be a useful addition to reading, so please feel free to contact any of our advisors. Come see us in person, or reach out through email.

Careers in biochemistry

So what exactly can you do with a degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology? Any one of our degrees offered opens the door to a variety of careers. Biochemistry will continue to be a very good preparation for the professions of medicinedentistry and pharmacy. In addition, a biochemistry degree is increasingly used as a preparation for a more diverse range of careers, such as lawjournalism or business.

biological researcher biochemist clinical diagnostician
drug designer environmental health officer food technologist
forensic scientist geneticist laboratory technician
medical illustrator molecular scientist pharmacist
physician professor toxicologist


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