Adjunct Degree Designations

Certificate in Genetics

This certificate provides students with an opportunity to take, within Honours or Major BA or BSc degree program, a set of courses and a research project that will accord them recognition of specialization in genetics. Enroll in the Certificate in Genetics program in your third year of study when seeking approval of the research component by the Genetics Certificate Coordinator for their department. Completion of the certificate will be shown on a student's transcript.

It is the responsibility of students in the Certificate in Genetics to complete the required courses, and to provide the departmental certificate coordinator with confirmation that the necessary courses have been taken by the end of the examination period in their final year of study. The certificate will only be awarded to students upon graduation from their undergraduate degree program.

Please refer to the related section in the following Undergraduate Booklet for more detailed information on the Certificate in Genetics.

Certificate in Genetics Checklist [PDF - 113 kB]