Awards, Prizes & Funding


Scholarship support for graduate study in biochemistry & molecular biology comes from three major sources:

  1. Scholarships awarded by external research funding agencies (e.g., NSERC, CIHR, BHCRI, etc.) A comprehensive list is maintained by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Application is made directly by the student in collaboration with the supervisor and supported by the Department.
  2. Scholarships administered by Dalhousie University through the Harmonized Scholarship Process, for which application is made through the Department.
  3. Scholarships derived from research grants by arrangement with the research supervisor.

Scholarship support available through the department is structured to provide a take-home stipend, exclusive of tuition and fees, at a Departmentally recommended minimum level of $14,000/year (MSc) or $15,000/year (PhD). Tuition and incidental fees are included as part of the total stipend, meaning that a student entering year-1 in 2019 would receive a recommended minimum total stipend of $25,371 (MSc) or $23,140 (PhD). As of 2019, Dalhousie no longer applies an International Student Differential Fee for PhD students; MSc students who are required to pay the International Student Differential Fee typically receive further scholarship support to cover this Fee, meaning that their take-home stipend will be identical to Canadian students. Students in our program also frequently serve as Teaching Assistants, which provides an additional source of income.


Doug Hogue Award
Dr. Douglas Hogue bequeathed funds to the department to establish an award to be presented each year. One graduate student is recognized for exceptional dedication and achievement in research and intradepartment student activity.

Patrick Prize
Dr. Sydney J. Patrick endowed the Patrick Prize, awarded annually for the best Ph.D. thesis and defence in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. A considerable number of winners of the prize have gone on to distinguished careers in their fields.

The Beth Gourley Travel Award for Research Excellence
An annual award for research excellence to permit a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology to present their research at a recognized national or international scientific conference. The award has been established by John and Catherine Lazier in memory of John's aunt, Beth Gourley (1915-2010).