Our Subspecialty Trainees


We are pleased to announce Dr. Marko Balan is our most recent graduate from the Adult Critical Care Subspecialty Program. Dr. Balan has secured a position as an intensivist at Dartmouth General Hospital, Nova Scotia. We are proud of all Dr. Balan's achievements and wish him all the very best in his future undertakings. Congratulations Dr. Balan! 


Dr. Steve Walsh, chief resident, hails from Prince Edward Island. With his base specialty in Internal Medicine from Dalhousie, Dr. Walsh has formed short term goals of increasing profiency in resuscitation, ultrasound, and continuing work in cardiology and thrombosis. He enjoys playing various sports including basketball and hockey as well as camping with his wife and daughter. Dr. Walsh plans to have a community based critical care/internal medicine practice after completing his residency program. 

Dr. Miles Clayden's medical education began in his home town of Saint John, New Brunswick, where he completed medical school at Dalhousie. He went on to complete Internal Medicine at Memorial Univeristy and plans to return to Newfoundland and settle into the ICU in St. John's after completion of his residency program here in Halifax. When Dr. Clayden is not focusing on palliative care in the ICU, he and his wife, along with their dog Fitz, enjoy being outside and trail running, rock climibing, camping, and hiking, just to name a few!

Dr. Iain Arseneau joined us from Ontario. After completing medical school at Dalhousie University, he is splitting his focus and is now working to complete two programs simultaneously: Critical Care and General Internal Medicine, with specific interest in echo. Dr. Arseneau plans to take his focus of internal medicine and critical care into the community after his residency. In his free time, you can find Dr. Arseneau either spending quality time with his wife and daughter, working out, or following one of his favourite sports teams.

Dr. Mujtaba Al Khalaf completed medical school at the University of Dammam in Saudi Arabia and plans to return to his home town to continue his work in healthcare as an intensivist. While in his training, here in Halifax, his professional focus is critical care ultrasound. In Dr. Al Khalaf's personal life he enjoys spending time with his wife and children or powerlifting and automotive detailing.

Dr. Reid Sadoway grew up and attended university in Saskatchewan, from there, completing Emergency Medicine at Dalhousie University. Dr. Sadoway joins his wife, also a resident physician, here at Dalhousie and plans to further his medical career through the Adult Critical Care Subspecialty Program. Dr. Sadoway's interests are toxicology and ICU, also snowboarding, scuba diving, travelling, and indulging in television. Looking to the future, Dr. Sadoway is interested in hyperbaric medicine and will work toward connecting with medical experts to expand pre-hospital care for critically ill patients.

Dr. Albert Chang joins his wife here in Nova Scotia, who is a family physician, after completing his medical school training at the University of British Columbia and Internal Medicine at the Saint John Dalhousie site. When Dr. Chang is not focusing on his professional interest of ultrasound and transesophageal echo he can be found enjoying a game of tennis, travelling, walking his havanese poodle, or partaking in new culinary experiences!

Our Alumni

Graduate Current Practice Location
Marko Balan Internal Medicine/Critical Care Dartmouth, N.S.
Kevin Klassen Internal Medicine/Critical Care Cape Breton, N.S.
Abdulelah Akkam General Surgery Saudi Arabia
Jack Rasmussen Plastic Surgery/Critical Care Halifax, N.S.
Laurel Murphy Emergency Medicine/Critical Care Halifax, N.S.
Edmund Tan Anesthesia/Critical Care Halifax, N.S.
Emily Rowsell General Surgery/Critical Care Newfoundland
Marion Cornish Internal Medicine/Critical Care Kentville, N.S.
Paul Yaffe General Surgey/Critical Care Kentville, N.S.
Tom Kuca Anesthesia/Critical Care Saskatoon, S.K.
Alfin Mukhi Surgery Alberta
Chris Hinkewich Anesthesia/Critical Care Waterloo, ONT
Osama Loubani Emergency Medicine/Critical Care Halifax, N.S.
Babar Haroon Internal Medicine/Critical Care Halifax, N.S.
Stuart Wright Anesthesia Halifax, N.S.
Sarah McMullen Critical Care Halifax, N.S.