How to Apply and Selection Criteria

Making it happen

If you’re interested in applying to our subspecialty training program in adult critical care medicine, be sure to have completed specialty training in anesthesia, internal medicine, emergency medicine or surgery. Once you’re ready, simply apply through the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS).

Our selection criteria

Once we’ve narrowed down the applications, our next step is to conduct applicant interviews. This is a primary tool for evaluating and choosing applicants that we think will be a good fit for our program. We also consider your:

  • Academic record: We review the academic records of all applicants. A strong pre-clinical and clinical academic record will be highly rated.
  • Exposure to critical care medicine: We pay specific attention to candidates who have had significant exposure to fields of medicine or health care related to critical care.
  • References: References from clinicians or researchers that you have worked with are especially important, especially if they’re involved in critical care medicine or a related field.
  • Community involvement: Community involvement that demonstrates your interest in the field will be taken into consideration.
  • Research: We’ll look at research experience in any field of medicine, including critical care medicine.