Clerkship Logs

A printable version of these logs is available. [PDF - 166 kB]

The log items represent the mandatory clinical encounters, physical exam skills and procedural skills that students are expected to document that they have completed. These lists are not meant to limit students to these presentations and skills alone. Students are expected and encouraged to engage in all learning opportunities presented to them, provided that they have the appropriate supervision.

Completion of a log item does not require that the student has performed an initial assessment of a patient presenting with the specific clinical complaint. Assessing, synthesizing information and managing a patient with a previously diagnosed condition is acceptable.

Clinical Encounters
Abdominal pain
Back pain
Bleeding from the GI tract
Chest pain
Contraception counselling
Informed consent process
Lifestyle counselling re: healthy active living
Mood disorder
Newborn exam (up to 4 weeks of age)
Preventative Health Care (adult)
Preventative Health Care (infant/child/youth)
Upper respiratory tract infection
Physical Exam/Procedures
Breast exam
Injections (IM and/or SC)
Monofilament test/peripheral neuropathy testing
Pelvic Exam/pap test
Rectal exam
Vital signs
Updated September 2012
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