Become a Clinical Educator

Interested in teaching?

It’s fitting that the word doctor is derived from the Latin word docere meaning “to teach.” After all, by passing on knowledge and expertise gained over the years, we can give back to the system from which we gained so much ourselves. This is our legacy as preceptors, a role that serves medicine as a whole—and Maritime communities specifically—while benefitting both teacher and learner in the process.

Requirements for teaching with Dalhousie Family Medicine

We recognize there are excellent family physician teachers across the Maritimes who are not certificants of The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC). However, the CFPC accredits all residency programs in Canada according to national standards.

One of the standards requires all teachers to be certified in family medicine (CCFP) or be members of the CFPC and working towards certification. At Dalhousie Family Medicine, we are willing to help and support teachers seeking certification in whatever way we can.

The standard for undergraduate teachers is slightly different: College of Family Physicians of Canada membership and certification is preferred but not required. If this is not possible then we would ask for annual documentation of 50 hours of continuing medical education.

If interested, please review the teaching opportunities for this academic year or get started now. Please contact us if you require additional information.