Policy Regarding Requests for Schedule Changes

All requests for schedule changes are to be submitted in writing and are subject to the approval of the Undergraduate Office of the Department of Family Medicine. Requests will first be processed by the undergraduate program medical education manager. If deemed necessary requests will be passed to a subcommittee. When more deliberation is required the request will be taken to the Undergraduate Committee for consideration.

Students should note that, due to the limited number of preceptors, it is very difficult to change rotations once they have been assigned. If a reasonable effort has been made to reschedule the rotation and another preceptor has not been found, the request may be declined. Further rescheduling may then only be done pending exceptional circumstances. Students may wish to consider switching with another student in their block.

It should be noted that requests will only be considered if the following procedures are followed.

  1. Requests for changes must be received at least two months in advance of the rotation change requested clearly stating the reason(s) for requesting the schedule change.
  2. With less than two months notice only requests with exceptional/extenuating circumstances will be considered.
    Although it is impossible to be comprehensive in this definition, the following principles and examples will assist in guiding decisions:
    Circumstances that would be considered for a request for schedule change:
    • Sudden and unexpected family events (i.e. illness, death)
    • Unpredictable requirements for care of children (i.e. clerk/resident is the sole or primary caregiver and other care giving arrangements have suddenly fallen through)
    • Medical need (must have letter from physician)
    Examples of situations that would not be considered extenuating:
    • Difficulty in housing pets
    • Predictable needs of children
    • Longstanding illness or difficult family situation that has not changed

Additional Requirements

Undergraduate Medical Education

  1. Rotation supervisors/preceptors are not to be contacted directly regarding schedule changes.
Adopted: September 8, 2004
Revised and Adopted by the Undergraduate Committee: February 2007/Revised and Adopted by the Undergraduate Committee: March 2007
Revised and Adopted by the Undergraduate Committee: February 2009
Source: U:\AA -Main Directory August 2006\Committees\UG Committee\Policy Regarding Requests for UG Schedule Changes February 2009.doc