Project Supervisor’s Job Description

The Resident Project Supervisor will work with the Dalhousie Family Medicine Resident to assist with the development and overarching completion of the resident’s scholarly activity through their resident project.

Reporting Responsibilities:
This position does not report to the Dalhousie Family Medicine Postgraduate Program for the responsibilities of a Resident Project Supervisor.


  • Support and counsel individual residents on the content of their project.
  • Be aware and familiar with the requirements of the Dalhousie Family Medicine resident project format and requirements.
  • If the scholarly activity is a research project, ensure all requirements of the local Research Ethics Board are met (including long term data management and storage).
  • Complete and submit Form II (Project Supervisor Agreement), Form III (Project Progress Report), and Form IV (Project Final Approval) as outlined in the Resident Project Guide.
  • Encourage residents to adhere to the deadlines established for the resident project development and submission.

Support Services:
There is no administrative support services or office space provided for this position. Project Supervisors may contact local Project Coordinators and/or research services as a resource for assistance as required. They should contact their local Site Administrator for site Project/Research Coordinator contact information.

Appointment and Remuneration:

  1. To be approved by the Site Resident Project Coordinator with appropriate consultation with the Site Director and/or Resident Project Sub-Committee Chair, as needed.
  2. The appointment is for the duration of the completion of the resident project.
  3. There is no funding for this position.

The Project Supervisor is encouraged to attend appropriate Faculty Development sessions related to resident projects or research, as well as the local resident project presentation day

The Project Supervisor may be a clinical supervisor, another family physician, a consultant or another individual with qualifications appropriate for the selected resident’s project topic.

If the primary supervisor is not a Dalhousie Family Medicine faculty member, a co-supervisor with a Dalhousie Family Medicine faculty appointment must be found.