At the Time of Death

For Health-Care Providers in NS/PEI                                                                 Process for Human Body Donation to Dalhousie [PDF - 150kB]

Steps to be taken

If you and your loved ones have decided that body donation is the right choice for you, it is important that everyone understands the steps that need to be taken at the time of death.  

Step 1: Who to contact

If the death occurs in a health care institution:

  • If the time of death is between 12:00 midnight and 7:00am, contact with the IOA can wait until after 7:00am to ensure all necessary steps can be completed.

If the death occurs at home:

  • Contact the family or attending physician as soon as possible for signing of the death certificate. The physician or clinical designate should contact the IOA or Dalhousie University as soon as possible, at which time further instructions will be given.

Step 2: Acceptance or refusal at time of death

The IOA is responsible for deciding if the remains can be accepted. If accepted, the IOA will arrange to have the remains transported from the place of death to the university.  

If we are unable to accept your generous donation, your next of kin will need to proceed with your alternate funeral arrangements.