ANGSS Graduate Research Day Poster Awards

Several awards are given out at the Faculty of Medicine Graduate Research Day (typically held in May). For several years ANGSS has funded two awards, for the best posters by an MSc and PhD student, respectively.

Ian Mobbs Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Established by ANGSS, and funded by an anonymous donor, for outstanding service as an teaching assistant (TA). To be nominated for this award, the faculty member(s) you TA for need to complete an evaluation (sent to all Faculty members that supervise TAs by the Graduate Coordinator). The award is usually announced early in the summer term.

ANGSS Leadership Award

Funded by ANGSS and awarded annually to a graduate student who has demonstrated meritorious extra-curricular service while a graduate student in the Department and, in particular, providing benefit to their fellow graduate students. Students apply by submitting a summary (CV, letter or narrative statement) to the Graduate Studies Coordinator (typically in April or May) and the award is announced in the summer (May or June).

McNee Award

Funded by a generous gift from the McNee family in recognition of Dr. McNee, a graduate of Dalhousie University Medical School. This annual award recognizes the achievements of a graduate student (in the Department for at east one year) with particular emphasis on research accomplishments. Students must apply. Application details are typically announced in the late summer (July or August) and required documentation submitted to the Graduate Studies Committee. The awardee is usually announced at the Meet & Greet Blitz held early in the academic term (September/October).