Other Requirements

Animal Care

If your thesis research involves animals your supervisor must have an approved protocol for the experiments (this may already exist when you join the lab but an amendment may need to be submitted to add your name to the protocol). When it comes time to submit your thesis, FGS will require proof that the animal research you did was covered by an approved protocol. You will also have to complete mandatory training provided by the University Committee on Laboratory Animals (UCLA), pass a written test in order to receive a certification number. As well as receiving a certification number, there are mandatory practical training requirement for all personnel involved in animal handling or experimental manipulations. This training must be documented and is supposed to be completed before participating in an animal research protocol.

Human Research Ethics

If your research involves human subjects, it must be approved by the Office of Research Ethics Administration.


Graduate students working in laboratories with hazardous chemicals must receives Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS).

Radiation Safety

It is a Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and a Dalhousie University policy that all those who will be handling radioactive materials must participate in the first available training session available to them after joining their respective research groups.

Research Conduct

The Office of Medical Research Services conducts sessions on research conduct, covering issues of ethics, honesty, plagiarism, confidentiality, intellectual property, etc. New members of the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine community, including graduate students, are required to attend one of these sessions and are typically invited to do so by the Office of Medical Research Services. For further information contact Ms. Carla Ross, carla.ross@dal.ca, in the Office of Medical Research Services: Carla Ross, Research Development Officer, 494-1887.