Registration & Forms


All graduate students at Dalhousie are required to register for each and every term (Fall, Winter, Summer). The deadline for registration is typically sometime during the month that precedes the start of the term. (August for the fall term; December for the Winter term; April for the Summer term). Please be aware of current deadlines for registration.

Registration can be done online via Dal Online.

Medical Neuroscience graduate students are “Program fee students” and consequently must register for REGN 9999 in all three terms. (Registering in this course is the method by which the Registrar’s Office signals Financial Services/Student Accounts to process student stipend and tuition payments.)

You must also register for any courses you intend to take that term and either ANAT 9500 (MSc Thesis) or ANAT 9530 (PhD Thesis).

Failure to register by the deadline can affect processing of your stipend payment in the first month of the term. You might not receive payment for that month (you would get it the next month). There is generally nothing the Department can do if a student fails to register so it is really important to meet these deadlines every 4 months.

Program Form

During the first year of study all students are required to submit a Program Form to FGS. It makes best sense to complete this form during/following the first meeting of the Supervisory Committee.

Progress Reports

All students in the program are required to submit annual Progress Reports to FGS. This is particularly important if you hold a government scholarship (CIHR, NSERC, NSHRF). In these cases, failure to submit a progress report could affect processing of your stipend payment.

The Progress Report can be submitted at any time, but no later than prior to the end of each academic year.

Please note: Annual Progress Reports are now completed using Dal Online.