Annual Reports

Highlights and feature stories from the Department of Medicine

Year Theme


A Year for Reflection

As we close our strategic plan for 2013/2018 and launch our new Forward Together 2020/2024 strategic plan, it seemed appropriate to use the theme of reflection to look back on the extraordinary year we have had together.

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This year’s report is built around the theme of teams. So many of our accomplishments as individuals, divisions and as a department are because of the strong teams we are part of every day.

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A Year of Listening and Learning

As I committed at the beginning of my term, this would be a year of listening and learning. In doing so, I learned a great deal and was continuously reminded of how privileged I am to work alongside so many competent, skilled and passionate people. I am grateful for each and every one of you and how you have helped me transition into this role.

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This year’s Progress & Profiles is themed: leadership; and rightly so as we are home to many strong, intelligent and influential leaders.

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The Department of Medicine is proud to work in collaboration with the Nova Scotia Health Authority and Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Medicine. Together we continue to provide high-quality patient care, and demonstrate excellence in teaching and research.

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In the last year, the Department of Medicine thrived amidst change internal and external to the Department, which affected its operations in numerous positive and challenging ways. From our perspective, to thrive is to deliver on an interrelated academic mandate of providing innovative, collaborative and appropriate care that is sustainable.

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Leadership is a highly valued commodity in physicians. As individuals we have the ability to provide exemplary care, teach and do quality research. However, as leaders we have the opportunity to influence systems at a larger level and to implement important changes in our clinical and academic environments.

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As I look back on 2012/13 and look ahead to 2013/14, I am struck by the strength of the Department of Medicine. In the last year, we determined our collective priorities through an extensive, inclusive strategic planning process, recruited well skilled, and academically accomplished clinicians to join our team, and welcomed the most robust first-year class of residents to our Department to date (18 in all).

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The Department continues its reputation for providing exemplary patient care for the people of Nova Scotia and, for some conditions, Atlantic Canada. A number of prestigious awards have been received by individual physicians and groups for excellence in clinical care at the local and national level.

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