Strategic Plan

Forward Together 2020 | 2024

Welcome to the Department of Medicine Strategic Plan 2020 / 2024.

You will find the passion and the excitement of our physicians, staff and stakeholders captured in our:

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Strategic Directions

Through direct input from the Department’s extensive network and our key stakeholders, this strategy has emerged to guide our intentions and actions for the next 5 years. We feel strongly that our work makes positive and impactful differences in the lives of patients, learners, professional colleagues and others who benefit from our education, research and clinical care.

Currently, there are many challenges. However, uncertainty and risk also bring significant opportunity for growth and change. In this new environment in which we find ourselves, it is important that we move forward together in defining and enabling clinical and academic initiatives that are compelling and refreshingly nimble. This strategy invites the continued engagement of our stakeholders as we build on our strengths, address weaknesses and seize new opportunities to optimize our potential.

Our approach has a few notable features:

  1. First, there is an emphasis on outcomes. Each section is prefaced by a vision for how we’d like the world to be different as a result of our efforts. These will be translated into shorter term, measurable goals that are updated annually to guide action.

  2. Second, we have adopted two lenses for navigating change: internal intentions to strengthen our departmental/divisional capacity and capabilities and, external intentions to positively influence local, provincial and Maritime systems.

  3. Third, we believe that our success in delivering on education, research and clinical outcomes can be enhanced by explicit goals around key supports, infrastructure and the quality of our workplace. This is why you will see a chapter dedicated to supports for physicians and administrative staff.

The quality of our relationships will be key to our success and we take our values seriously. Consider them our attitudinal and behavioural contract with you as we work together. We will regularly assess the effectiveness of our actions and account to our stakeholders on our progress.

Please join us in this exciting journey as we move forward together!

View our new Strategic Plan 2020 / 2024 [PDF - 1.9 MB]