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Undergraduate Education

A key strength and focus

Division of General Internal Medicine members, as academic faculty, are extensively involved in teaching medical students in the Dalhousie MD Undergraduate Program. This includes teaching clinical skills in the Med 1 and 2 Skilled Clinician courses, the third-year medicine academic half-day program, and supervised electives for Med 1, 2 and 3 students.

General internal medicine (GIM) runs through the Dalhousie undergraduate curriculum, and students can take a GIM elective in Med 1 and Med 2. These electives rotate through all GIM services, which include IMCU, MTU, Senior Internist, GIM Consult Service and GIM Clinics. GIM objectives during clerkship include shock and decision-making in patients at risk of dying.

Essential skills for effective communication

Communication skills training is an important component of the GIM curriculum for undergraduates. Division faculty are highly skilled in this area, and undergraduates will learn how effective communication skills can improve the patient’s experience and health outcomes.

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