National leaders in clinical hematology research

At Dalhousie, we know research is essential, and that’s why, in the Division of Hematology, all of our hematologists are active researchers. Most of them have published extensively and have experience in all phases of research.

Since hematology research benefits from a stable, long-established infrastructure, we’ve worked hard to integrate that into our efforts to be leaders in clinical research. We also maintain those efforts by meeting monthly to review new study opportunities and to maintain a continual assessment of ongoing research.

Our members are recognized nationally and internationally for their excellence in investigator-initiated studies, as well as their participation in pharmaceutical-led research. Plus, we’re not only experienced in managing large, multi-site, randomized and controlled trials, we’re also frequently cited as lead recruiters in many of our 75+ research projects.

Our research goals are extensive. We focus on treatment, diagnostic, laboratory-related and quality of life research.

Our studies also addresses many hematological disorders, including:

  • hematological malignancies
  • venous thromboembolism
  • bleeding disorders

Contact us

Ms. Sue Pleasance, associate director of research
Division of Hematology