Undergraduate Education

Neurology in the MD Program

The Division of Neurology offers one-month electives and selectives to students at Dalhousie Medical School and medical schools across Canada. As a medical student, you will learn from the division’s talented teachers and mentors who are among the top clinical educators in the country.

The division organizes the Brain and Behaviour unit, which is the Med 2 neuroscience course and works with each student in the Med 2 class to develop skills in neurologic history-taking and physical examination. In the clerkship years (Med 3 & 4) the division conducts seminars in diseases of the nervous system and supervises elective students.

Elective rotation

In this four-week rotation, you'll spend one week each on the acute stroke ward, the general neurology service, the consultation service and ambulatory care. The rotation also includes time on-call to see patients in the emergency department.

You'll gain a broad range of experience in various clinical settings supervised by a variety of highly skilled faculty members. In addition, will work with residents and other health professionals, and will be invited to participate in academic activities of the Division of Neurology and the Department of Medicine.

Selective rotation

In this four-week rotation, you'll spend two weeks in ambulatory care and two weeks on either the acute ward service and on the consultation service.


Dr. Stephanie Woodroffe, neurology undergraduate education director
Email: andreal.ellis@nshealth.ca