Division Head Message

Innovative team

We're a small team of innovators that uses every available avenue and explores all potential partnerships to provide the best possible care to residents of Halifax, Nova Scotia and the Maritime provinces. Doing so, together with our many collaborators across the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) and Dalhousie Medical School, enables us to meet patients’ needs and offer excellent learning opportunities for residents and medical students.

Also, Dalhousie University and NSHA's strong research infrastructure provides a rich and opportune environment for researchers of all experience levels and interests, enabling us to continue fostering an emphasis on research in our division.

Residents choose to train here because of our willingness and ability to tailor their residency program to their specific interests, be it a subspecialty of physiatry, clinical research or medical education. Division members choose to build their careers here because of the collaborative environment, commitment to excellence and east coast lifestyle.


Dr. Amra Saric
Division head / service chief, Division of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation