Wenda Greer



Email: wenda.greer@nshealth.ca
Phone: 902-473-6691

Curriculum vitae (PDF; March 2017)

Research interests

Gene discovery

Most of Dr. Greer's research has been directed toward discovering genes associated with inherited disease. Examples of successful studies include:

  • localization of the Wiskott-Aldrich gene on the X chromosome
  • identification of the Niemann-Pick mutation in a population in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
  • identification of the genetic defect responsible for Bylers disease in a large kindred in Cape Breton

Current studies focus on investigating the genetic defects associated with familial essential thrombocythemia and myelodysplastic syndrome. These data have been enormously helpful in carrier testing and prenatal diagnoses in affected families and have given insight into the basic biology of disease which will hopefully guide therapy development.

X-chromosome inactivation

X-chromosome inactivation (XCI) is a mechanism occurring in females in which one X in every cell becomes inactivated. This is a form of dosage compensation thought to equalize the genetic dosage between males and females (who have one and two Xs respectively). 

The choice of which X is inactivated has traditionally been viewed as occurring randomly and independently in each cell. There is evidence, however, that the choice step of XCI is genetically influenced. One argument in favor of a genetically influenced model is that skewed XCI, that is, XCI that results in a ratio that is significantly different from 50:50 appears to cluster in families. 

One such family has presented with several females affected with HA. Analysis showed that most of their cells were expressing the mutated X chromosome. It is unlikely that chance could account for the dramatic skewing of XCI leading to 3 affected females. This led Dr. Greer and her team to consider that they have inherited a predisposition to skewed XCI patterns. 

Their work has shown that there is genetic control and a gene, STAG2, is likely associated with skewed X inactivation and therefore the expression of hemophilia A in females in this family.  This work has led to a better understanding of HA in female carriers.

Because XCI can be skewed to varying degrees, it is reasonable to expect that females might express HA accordingly.  We conducted an interview survey of HA carriers who reported varying bleeding symptoms. They also reported that their bleeding concerns were often dismissed by health care professionals.  A larger questionnaire follow-up study is underway.

Personalized medicine for cancer patients

As director of the DNA diagnostic laboratory at NSHA, Dr. Greer's lab offers a clinical diagnostic service to identify known genetic markers that help to diagnose, prognosticate and in some cases, guide therapies for cancer patients. Studies assessing the frequency of specific markers in our population are underway.

Publications in last 10 years

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