Dalhousie Medical School is committed to research that improves the level of care that patients receive, finds ways to manage or cure diseases and disorders, and gives us a better understanding of the human body and all of its functions.

Core research focus

Research in the Department of Pathology is organized into several core research units:

Helping our community

Along with providing our services to the Dalhousie community, we also serve as a laboratory resource for external experts with inquiries into histotechniques, immuno-staining and various other technical approaches for medical research projects. Find out more about our Histology & Research Services Laboratory.

Atlantic Canada Biobank Consortium

The Atlantic Canada Biobank Consortium is an integrated group of Biobanks located across the region. We accept donated human biological samples (HBS) and information from across Atlantic Canada. HBS Donors' contributions will contribute to current and future healthcare research around the world. Find out more about the Atlantic Canada Biobank Consortium.