Histology & Research Services Lab

With our wealth of technical expertise, we are able to expedite your research by helping with a variety of morphologic methods.


Easy access to expertise

At the Histology & Research Services (HRS) Laboratory, we are pleased to provide a wide range of services to the Dalhousie community and affiliated emerging companies, in an effort to expedite and advance your resarch.

From scientific consultation to tissue processing, staining, and assessment, our commitment is to deliver the very best histotechnology in today's rapidly evolving environment.

The services you want

Whether you are a Dalhousie graduate student or a researcher at an outside organization, we can help with expertise, hands-on training in histopathology techniques, and scientific support services in all areas of pathology.

If you have inquiries regarding histotechniques, immunostaining, and various technical approaches for medical research projects, we can help with the best tools possible for a successful and cost-effective outcome.

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The space you need

Between space restrictions and the Environmental Health and Safety Office’s necessary efforts to minimize hazardous chemicals in research laboratories, it can sometimes be difficult to find space to conduct certain types of research.

We welcome all internal researchers to use our facility for:

  1. Tissue dissection and fixation.
  2. Microtomy (sectioning paraffin and frozen blocks).
  3. Slide processing (deparaffinizing, dehydrating, and staining).
  4. Immunohistochemical staining techniques including antigen retrieval.