Pathobiology of Cancer

Building a better understanding

In the Department of Pathology, cancer biology is a strong research focus. Our researchers work together to develop a deeper understanding of cancer biology, so that we’re better equipped to treat it. We focus on a number of areas including:

  • the basic mechanisms of cancer development and progression
  • the biological markers for diagnosing cancer and predicting treatment outcomes
  • the mechanisms of tumour metastasis
  • the mechanisms of chemotherapy resistance and development of novel therapeutics
  • the viral oncolytic therapy and cancer immunotherapy
  • novel animal models for studying cancer using mice and zebrafish
  • the identification and targeting of cancer stem cells

Our researchers

Dr. Jason Berman Zebrafish models of cancer, pediatric cancers and leukemia  
Dr. Graham Dellaire Nuclear structure and cancer biology, mechanisms of chemotherapy resistance, zebrafish models of cancer, T-cell leukemia, breast, ovarian, lung and prostate cancer    
Dr. Carman Giacomantonio Cancer biology, breast, colon and pancreatic cancer  
Dr. Brent Johnston Cancer biology, inflammation and immunology, breast and ovarian cancer  
Dr. Patrick Lee Oncolytic viruses, tumour suppression, cancer immunity, breast and ovarian cancer  
Dr. Paola Marcato Breast cancer stem cells and chemotherapy resistance  
Dr. Paola Marignani Murine models of breast cancer and LKB1 tumor suppressor  
Dr. Jean Marshall Cancer biology, inflammation and immunology, mast cells and breast cancer  
Dr. David Hoskin Anti-cancer peptides and natural products, immunology, breast and ovarian cancer  
Dr. David Waisman Mechanisms of cancer metastasis, pancreatic and lung cancer  
Dr. Dan Gaston Identification of inherited genetic risk factors for cancer