Detection, Diagnosis, and Follow-up Care

Detection, diagnosis, and follow-up care for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) should be collaborative and family-centred. In a new collection of guidance documents, the Canadian Paediatric Society encourages clinicians to screen for ASD during routine developmental check-ups, outlines three paths to diagnosis, and provides guidance on follow-up care for the patient and their family. The statements are designed to guide clinicians on the best quality of care across myriad geographic and demographic situations while drawing on the strengths of Canada’s existing health framework.

Read the full statements here.

The CONNECT Project

The CONNECT project (CONtiNuity of carE and support for autistiC adulTs) aims to break down barriers and understand the everyday needs and challenges faced by Autistic adults.

From the beginning, CONNECT recognized the need to engage Autistic adults in research and is the first Maritime-wide collaborative research initiative co-led by an Autistic adult. CONNECT aims to:

  1. Assess the needs of Autistic adults via a survey; and,
  2. Share what we learned and best practices with health and social service providers, policy-makers and the Autistic community.

Through this unique project, decision-makers will have access to a portfolio of evidence-based tools, created in collaboration with Autistic adults, their families and other knowledge users to improve the continuity of care and support for the Autistic community.

The CONNECT project has launched a new bilingual video that shares the perspectives and experiences of Autistic youth and adults, and their parents. Click here to view the video

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