Pharmacology in Health Professions

Training for pharmacy and OT students

Pharmacy students

As a budding pharmacist, you’ll need a solid understanding of pharmacology under your belt before you’re ready to dispense drugs.

In your first year, you’ll take Pharmacology for Pharmacy (PHAC 1470.03), a six-week class that will introduce you to the basics of pharmacology, including drug actions, drug receptor interactions, pharmakinetics and drug metabolism.

Occupational therapy students

Helping people learn to live with an injury or illness that affects mobility requires knowledge of a broad range of topics. Often these people will be taking pharmaceuticals or natural remedies that affect the way they live.

Pharmacology for Occupational Therapists (OCCU 6130.01) is a mandatory second-year course that not only provides comprehensive information on how drug therapy affects patients, it also introduces the basic principles of pharmacology, including drug delivery, pharmakinetics and metabolism.