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Pharmacology for Science Undergraduates

Expand your experience

Your undergraduate years are the perfect time to explore your interests. After all, as a science student, you’re setting up a solid foundation on which to build your education. At Dalhousie, you’ll have the opportunity to explore pharmacology by taking courses that we’ve cross-listed with other faculties and departments—making it easier to fit these courses into your current plan.

If you’re an honours student, you may also want to consider carrying out your thesis on a pharmacological topic. Contact your honours program coordinator for guidance.


These introductory pharmacology classes can be taken as electives or selectives in the medical biotechnology stream of the honours or advanced major degrees in biochemistry. They may also be taken as part of the combined honours degree in biochemistry, microbiology and immunology.

Pharmacology I
(PHAC 3001.03)

Pharmacology II

(PHAC 4001.03)