Karley GilbertMEd, BA

Subspecialty Residency and Fellowship Coordinator


Email: karleygilbert@dal.ca
Phone: 902-470-8139
Mailing Address: 
Office: K1622 - IWK Health Centre 5850/5980 University Avenue PO Box 9700 Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 6R8

Karley Gilbert is a graduate of the Master of Education in Lifelong Learning program from Mount Saint Vincent University, and is the Subspecialty Residency and Fellowship Coordinator for the Dalhousie Department of Diagnostic Radiology. 

Karley provides support for our Fellowship programs at the QEII and IWK, the Neuroradiology program, as well as the education and research support for Pediatric Radiology at the IWK.

For the IWK, she is responsible for administering the Department of Pediatric Radiology postgraduate and undergraduate teaching programs and acts as the primary contact and resource for Pediatric Radiology’s medical education office and programs.