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Dr. Gordon Bethune Visiting Professor

Recognizing great contributions

The Dr. Gordon W. Bethune Visiting Professorship recognizes the contributions made by this dedicated surgeon and most importantly to the great impact he had on his university, faculty, colleagues and students. 

Past visiting professors

2015 Dr. Michael Tymianski, University of Toronto
2014 Dr. James Wright, University of Toronto
2013 Dr. Shawn St. Peter, University of Missouri
2012 Dr. Ori Rostein, University of Toronto
2011 Dr. Jan Blankensteijn, VU Medical Centre
2010 Dr. Geoffrey Gurtner, Stanford University
2009 Dr. Norman Kneteman, University of Alberta
2008 Dr. Stephen Fremes, University of Toronto
2007 Dr. Robert Harrison, University of Toronto
2006 Dr. David Schrump, NCI/NHI
2005 Dr. James Waddell, University of Toronto
2004 Dr. Peter Neligan, University of Toronto
2003 Dr. Richard Reznick, University of Toronto
2002 Dr. Andrew Hill, University of Ottawa
2001 Dr. Peter Black, Harvard Medical School
2000 Dr. William Ghali, University of Calgary
Dr. Audley Bodurtha, University of Ottawa