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Department of Surgery Research Day

Friday April 13, 2018
Atlantica Hotel

List of Winners [PDF]

CPD Accreditation Form [PDF]

The program is now available to download. [PDF]
Online version of the programme can be found here.
Prize Categories and Judges [PDF]
List of Presenters [PDF]

Showcasing great research

Dal Surgery Research Day remains the flagship event for the Department of Surgery. It is held annually, usually in April, and showcases the research taking place within the department.

Research Day 2018-Programme will be announced mid-March, 2018.

Visiting professor

A clinician scientist is invited to come to Research Day as the Dr. Gordon Bethune Visiting Professor to give a noon-time lecture and act as one of three judges for the day.  

The 2018 Dr. Bethune Visiting Professor is Dr. Alice Aiken


The three judges comprise the visiting professor and two established researchers in the department, who weigh through the impressive presentation schedule to determine winners in both resident and student categories.


The Dr. Robert Stone Traveling Fellowship is awarded to the top resident research presenter.

Continued Professional Development Form

Next Research Day

The next Dal Surgery Research Day will be held April 13, 2018.

Dal Surgery Research Day 2017

List of Winners

The Dr. Stone Traveling Fellowship – Best Overall Resident

Dr. Ben Taylor, PGY4, Otolaryngology
The Effect of Strontium Citrate on Bone Consolidation during Mandibular Distraction Osteogenesis in a Rabbit Model

Best Resident Research-Driven Presentation

Dr. Ashley Drohan, PGY 3, CIP, General Surgery
Rates of Re-Excision Following Breast Conserving Surgery

Best Clinical Presentation

Dr. Ioustin Moga, PGY2, Orthopaedics
Safety of a Far Medial Arthroscopic Portal for Arthroscopic Anatomic Glenoid Reconstruction – A Cadaveric Study

Best Basic Scientist Presentation

Dr. Aaron Robichaud, PGY 4, CIP, Neurosurgery
Identification of Approved Drugs Altering Stress Granule Dynamics and Implications in Glioblastoma Therapy

Best Student Presentation

Stephanie Legare, Grad Student – PhD, Immunology
Mast Cell Relevance to Cardiac Fibrosis: in vitro and ex vivo Perspectives

Past winners

Year 1st place resident
1st place student
2016 Timothy Pillips Erin Maguire
2015 Phil Magown Basavaraj Shettar
2014 Amanda Murphy Michael Hart Matyas
2013 Fawaz Makki Alison Gareau
2012 Phil Magown Jennifer Hurry
2011 Scott Livingston Lauren Clark
2010 Devon Richardson David Konadu
2009 Michael Bezhuly Amr Zaki
2008 Jane Watson Sara Nejat
2007 Lara Williams Julie Jordan
2006 Ansar Hassan Jeremy Murphy
2005 Chris Drover Colin Franz
2004 Rakesh Arora Damian Yohn
S. Christie/A. Skaro Damian Yohn
2002 A. Skaro A. Alemdar
Sean Christie
L.E. Bartlett
2000 J.F. Legare  
1999 C. Ikejiani  
1998 W. Leong  
1997 Vivek Mehta  
1996 N. Yoshida  
1995 Stacey O'Blenes  
1994 C. Giacomantionio  
1993 J. Collicut  
1992 R. Kennedy  
1991 T. Barnhill  
1990 G. Caputy