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Dr. Stone Traveling Fellowship

Rewarding the top resident research presenter

The Dr. Stone Traveling Fellowship is named after Dr. Robert Stone, who was the head of our department from 1993-2006. The Dr. Stone Traveling Fellowship is awarded to the 1st place resident. It is a cash prize of up to $2,500 to aid in travel expenses to secure fellowship training after residency. We have been very fortunate to have Dr. Stone come to Research Day in the past to congratulate the winner personally.

Past winners

Year 1st place resident
2015 Phil Magown
2014 Amanda Murphy
2013 Fawaz Makki
2012 Phil Magown
2011 Scott Livingston
2010 Devon Richardson
2009 Michael Bezhuly
2008 Jane Watson
2007 Lara Williams
2006* Ansar Hassan
2005 Chris Drover
2004 Rakesh Arora
S. Christie/A. Skaro
2002 A. Skaro
Sean Christie
2000 J.F. Legare
1999 C. Ikejiani
1998 W. Leong
1997 Vivek Mehta
1996 N. Yoshida
1995 Stacey O'Blenes
1994 C. Giacomantionio
1993 J. Collicut
1992 R. Kennedy
1991 T. Barnhill
1990 G. Caputy
*2006 was the inaugural year of the Dr. Stone Traveling Fellowship.