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Dr. Anderson - Pediatrics

 EAU Paediatric Urology Guidelines - Chapters #2,3,10 & 13

Dr. Bailly - Overactive Bladder/Incontinence

 Urinary Incontinence in Women - Review 2015

OAB 2015

Dr. Bell - Prostate Disease
Debate Continues on PSA testing...Prostate Cancer

Case Study - 54 Year Old Man, Early State Prostate Cancer
Dr. Cox - Acute and Chronic Renal Disease
Management of Acute Renal Failure in the Elderly Patient
Dr. Grantmyre  


Dr. Lantz Powers - Urolithiasis

Metabolic Evaluation Urol Clinic NA 2013

Imaging in Stone Disease J Urol 2013

AUA Guidelines Ureteral Stones 2007

Dr. Lawen - Hematuria

CUA GL Hemat 2009

Asymptomatic Microhematuria 2013

Dr. MacLellan - UTI in Children Urinary Tract Infections in Children - Clinical Practice Guidelines
Dr. Nassar -
Sexual Dysfunction
Issues in the Assessment & Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

ED and Testosterone Therapy

Managing Testosterone Deficiency
Dr. Rendon - Renal Trauma

Guidelines on Urological Trauma
Dr. Romao - Scrotal Disorders

EAU Paediatric Urology Guidelines - Chapters 4, 5 & 8

Acute Scrotum - American Urological Association

Dr. Mason - Catheters


Dr. Tom Skinner

WHO Principles of Transplantation

Students should watch the "Vital Bonds" S56 Episode 6 on the Nature of Things on CBC websute at this link

Video on kidney transplant procedures can be viewed at this llink