Undergraduate Program

Explore medicine and surgery

If you're interested in exploring a specialty that bridges both medicine and surgery, urology could be your answer. It's a surgical specialty that deals with diseases of the male and female urinary tract, as well as the male reproductive organs.

Since urologic problems are extremely common in all realms of medical care, a urology foundation could prove to be an invaluable asset, whether you plan to go into family, pediatric or palliative medicine.   

So much to learn

We've worked hard to foster a culture of education within our department. In addition to a Clerkship Lecture Series that reviews all common urologic conditions, we also offer broad exposure to operative and clinical venues. As an elective, or selective in urology, most students rate urology to be “one of the best” rotations of their year.

All medical students should have an introduction to the fundamentals of urologic physiology and pathology. If you're particularly interested in urology, we also recommend organizing elective experiences or research activities within the department and our RIM mentors are eager to work with medical undergraduates.

For students applying to Urology in the CaRMS match, we highly recommend completing your elective in Halifax.  An elective in Urologoy at Dalhousie University offers an excellent learning opportunity.  During your two week visit you will participate in clinics, cystoscopy clinic and attend the OR.  Elective students are an essential part of inpatient care.  You will attend prescheduled staff-lead teaching sessions and work closely with residents and faculty.  All medical students will have an introduction to the fundamentals of urologic anatomy, physiology and pathology.  These electives can be arranged through AFMC Student Portal.

For student applying to other disciplines in the CaRMS match, urology is an excellent educational opportunity that is applicable to many career paths.  Electives are also available in community centres including Kentville, Miramichi, Moncton and Charlottetown where students will learn the fundamentals of urologic anatomy, physiology and pathology.  These elective opportunitites can be applied for through the AFMC Student Portal as well.

If you're considering a career in urology, further elective experiences are recommended. But be sure to balance them with a variety of electives in other disciplines, so that you develop a good breadth of clinical experience. Nephrology, pediatrics, infectious disease, radiology and other subspecialties in surgery and medicine are all reasonable choices with relevance to urology.

Our department offers undergraduate electives to first- and second-year students and a clinical clerkship program for third-year students.

Dr. Jesse Ory, MD, FRCSC
Clinical Clership Coordinator