Urology clinical clerkship program

Looking for a program that's sure to benefit you later on? Under the direction of our program director, Dr. John E. Grantmyre, the urology clinical clerkship program at Dalhousie University has been consistently top-rated by students as a well-organized and valuable three-week core rotation.

With its combination of inpatient and ambulatory care, you'll be exposed to a wide range of patient experiences, from major surgical problems to more office-type patient loads. The clinic exposure is especially broad and is structured to provide an understanding of:

  • general adult and paediatric urology
  • urologic trauma
  • stone disease
  • sexual dysfunction
  • male infertility
  • urologic oncology
  • voiding dysfunction

This intensive seminar program, which is based on the COPS format, aims to solidify these issues with clinical exposure. You'll also spend time practicing some of the most commonly required skills, like performing genital and prostate exams and bladder catheterization.

How to apply

To apply for a urology clinical clerkship, please contact one of our two coordinators:

Paula Snow, Urology Educational Coordinator
Phone: 902-473-5469

Fax: 902-473-5850

Dr. John Grantmyre, clerkship coordinator