Medical Student Research

Hands On Learning

As an undergraduate medical student, you’ll be introduced to research practices early on in your training. We are proud to provide medical undergraduates the opportunity to work closely with a urology preceptor to pursue a research project in the field.
We participate in the Research in Medicine (RIM) program through Dalhousie and welcome any interested students.
The following faculty are RIM mentors and are currently accepting students:

Dr. Ricardo Rendon
Dr. Jesse Ory
Dr. Gabriela Ilie
Dr. Ross Mason
Dr. Daniel Keefe

If you have questions about the RIM program, please feel free to contact the RIM coordinator at or our Research Manager at

A Gift of Knowledge

The R. P. Bell Award is a result of a generous donation by Donald and Heather Johnston. The scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate medical student to work with a urology faculty member on a summer research project.

Past recipients

2015 - Megan Woods
2014 - Gregory Hoiser
2013 – Roderick Clark
2012 – Talia Burwash-Brennan
2011 – Jeffrey Himmelman
2010 – Jeff Campbell

Please contact us at for more information about the R. P. Bell Award.