Research Scholarship

A gift of knowledge

The R. P. Bell Award is a result of a generous donation by Donald and Heather Johnston. The scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate medical student to work with a urology faculty member on a summer research project.

Award amount

$5000 over a twelve-week period

Award details

This award is part of the Dalhousie Medical School's Research in Medicine (RIM). Please consult the RIM website to view potential projects and application details.

Application deadline

February of each year (consult RIM for exact deadline)

Recent recipients

2015 - Megan Woods
2014 - Gregory Hoiser
2013 – Roderick Clark
2012 – Talia Burwash-Brennan
2011 – Jeffrey Himmelman
2010 – Jeff Campbell

For additional information

Jesslyn Kinney, Program Manager, Personnel Support Programs
Medical Research Development Office
Room C-222, CRC Building
5849 University Avenue, Halifax, NS B3H 4H7
Phone: 902-494-3886
Fax: 902-494-7119