Urological Oncology Research

Leading the way in urological cancer research

The Department of Urology is an innovative leader in urological oncology research. In addition to investigating cancer prevention and early detection, our researchers are also evaluating new agents, biomarkers and new technologies for the treatment of urological cancers. We're also developing new techniques to improve the safety and effectiveness of cancer surgeries.

Our basic science and clinical research efforts cover:

  • early detection and cancer prevention
  • minimally invasive surgical intervention
  • effective whole-body therapies for locally advanced and metastatic disease

Our new, ongoing, and closing clinical trials are listed below.  Please also visit https://clinicaltrials.gov/ for more detailed information about each project.

Lead faculty researchers in urological oncology

Clinical trials in urological oncology

New trials

CBCIS: Canadian Bladder Cancer Information System
MAST: A Radomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Metformin in Reducing Progression Among Men on Expectant Management for Low Risk Prostate Cancer
PROTEUS: A Randomized, Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Phase 3 Study of Apalutamide in Subjects with High - Risk, Localized or Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer Who are Candidates for Radical Prostatectomy
TLD-1433-2: A Phase II clinical Study of intravesical Photodynamic Therapy in patients with BCG-Unresponsive non-muscle invasive bladder cancer or patient who are intolerant to BCG therapy
PCS X: The Role of Therapeutic Layering of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy on Darolutamide in the Management of Oligoprogressive Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer: A pilot Phase II Trial (PCS X). GROUQ – Group of Radiation Oncologists in Urology in Québec.
PR. 22 (CCTG): DASL-HiCaP: Darolutamide Augments Standard Therapy for Localised Very High-Risk Cancer of the Prostate (ANZUP1801).A randomized phase 3 double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of adding darolutamide to androgen deprivation therapy and definitive or salvage radiation in very high risk, clinically localised prostate cancer.
DAROL: Darolutamide Observational Study in non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer patients
SPLASH: SPLASH: Study Evaluating Metastatic Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer Treatment Using 177Lu-PNT2002 PSMA Therapy After Second-line Hormonal Treatment

Ongoing trials

ARAGON: A Phase 3 Randomized, Placebo Control, Double Blinded study combination with Abiraterone Acetate and Prednisone Versus Abiraterone and Prednisone in subjects with Chemo-Naïve Metastatic Castration resistant PC
BLC-1: A Phase III Surgical Trial to Evaluate the Benefit of a Standard Versus an Extended Lymphadenectomy Performed at Time of Radial Cystectomy for Muscle Invasive Urothelial Cancer
EMBARK: A Phase 3, Randomized, Efficacy and Safety Study of Enzalutimide Plus Leuprolide, Enzalutamide Monotherapy, and Placebo + Leuprolide in Men with High Risk Nonmetastatic Prostate Cancer After Definitive Therapy
ENZAMET - PR17 (CCTG): A randomised phase 3 trial of enzalutamide in first line androgen deprivation therapy for metastatic prostate cancer
GURC Cohort Study: A Multicentre Cohort Study of Patients with Advanced Prostate Cancer in Canada (GURC Cohort Study)
PROSPER:  A Multinational, Phase 3, Randomized, Double Blind, Placebo Controlled, Efficacy and Safety Study of Enzalutamide in Patients With Nonmetastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer
ARAMIS 20321 Roll over: An open-label, single arm, roll-over study to provide continued treatment with darolutamide in participants who were enrolled in previous Bayer-sponsored studies 

Closing trials

  • 147: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicentre phase 3 study of Denosumab on prolonging bone metastasis-free survival in men with hormone refractory prostate cancer
  • 560: A double-blind, placebo-controlled study to evaluate new or worsening lens opacifications in subjects with non-metastatic prostate cancer receiving Denosumab for bone loss due to androgen-deprivation therapy