Robotic Surgery

Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery, commonly known simply as Robotic Surgery, is a minimally invasive technique for performing complex surgical operations. With the use of a surgical robot, which is controlled completely by the surgeon, operations which would typically be performed via traditional open surgery can be performed through laparoscopic or ‘keyhole’ techniques. Robotic surgery allows for smaller incisions and an easier recovery after surgery while still maintaining excellent surgical outcomes.

Within the Department of Urology, our robotics program currently uses the state-of-the art DaVinci Surgical system to perform surgery. Spearheaded by Drs. Ricardo Rendon and Ross Mason, robotic assisted surgeries are currently being performed for diseases of the prostate and kidney such as prostate cancer and kidney cancer, among others. If you are interested in learning whether robotic surgery might be available for your condition, be sure to talk to your surgeon. 

Please click here to view Funding Atlantic Canada's First Surgical Robotics Program at the QEII Health Sciences Centre. 


Drs. Ricardo Rendon and Ross Mason