Male Infertility

A wealth of services

Our Male Infertility Clinic, led by Dr. John Grantmyre, is part of AART (Atlantic Assisted Reproductive Therapies), which is Atlantic Canada's major centre for assisted reproductive therapies. We offer state-of-the-art sperm testing, including:

  • anti-sperm antibody testing
  • specific immunoperoxidase staining for white blood cells in semen 
  • in vivo sperm viability testing

In some cases, we also offer a variety of other tests, like electron microscopy of sperm tails, computerized studies of sperm movement and sperm DNA fragmentation.

Our patients come from all over the Maritimes to access specialized treatments that aren't available in their local communities. This includes:

  • bladder washing for sperm recovery in retrograde ejaculation
  • vibratory and electroejaculation
  • sperm aspiration 
  • microsurgical reconstructive procedures
  • cryopreservation of sperm 

A collaborative approach

If you've been referred to our clinic, we encourage both members of a couple to come to all visits. We foster a harmonious relationship between the reproductive gynecologists, our experienced nurses and embryologists and the urology service.

This cooperative setting helps us maintain consistent quality of care, improves the flow of information to the patients and makes for a pleasant environment. It's also stimulated clinical and basic research that's been regularly presented at national and international meetings.