Virtual Patient Care with Learner Supervision

Involving Learners in Virtual Care: Video and Phone Visits with Patients

Welcome to this online resource for involving learners in virtual care. Virtual care provides opportunities for learners to hone their history-taking and communication skills. There are many ways virtual care might occur, and learners can engage with you from other sites. This opens the door to unique opportunities for learners to have exposure to different sub-specialties they might otherwise never see.

The first set of videos demonstrates an example of having a learner take the history using Zoom. The second set demonstrates having the learner take the history with a patient on the phone. Different challenges may arise with technology and there are some key points to remember when preparing for learners in a virtual setting. An additional document is provided with 10 tips.

If you are interested in further videos, please let us know.

Video Series Objectives:

This series of videos provides opportunities to observe:

  • virtual patient visit with learner present
  • consent process from patient for a learner to be present during virtual visit
  • introduction between learner and virtual patient
  • learner taking patient history
  • learner and physician reviewing patient history/discussing treatment plan
  • reconnecting with virtual patient to discuss treatment plan/closing the virtual visit
  • review and feedback - learner and physicians
Simulated roles by:
Simulated physician - Dr. Wendy Stewart
Simulated learner - Scott Fenwick (DMNB Med 3)
Simulated learner - Alyssa BeLong (DMNB Med 3)