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Dr. Jennifer Hall, Associate Dean, DMNB

Email: jennifer.hall@dal.ca

Dr. Anthony Reiman, Assistant Dean, DMNB Research and Canadian Cancer Society Research Chair at UNB

Tel: 506-636-6000
Email: anthony.reiman@horizonnb.ca

Dr. Robert Boulay, Assistant Dean, DMNB Clinical Education

Email: rboulay@dal.ca

Pamela Bourque, Chief Operating Officer

Tel: 506-636-6003506-636-6003
Email: pamela.bourque@dal.ca

Ken Lerette, Intersite Technical Operations Manager

Tel: 506-636-6014
Email: kenneth.lerette@dal.ca


Faculty Leadership

Dr. Wendy Stewart, Associate Professor, Department of Neurology & Humanities Director

Tel: 506-636-6000
Email: wastewar@dal.ca

Dr. Pamela Forsythe, Student Affairs Director

Tel: 506-636-6004
Email: pamela.forsythe@dal.ca

Dr. Anil Adisesh, Research Chair in Occupational Medicine and Associate Professor

Tel: 506-636-6016
Email: anil.adisesh@dal.ca
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Dr. Ross Morton, DMNB Skilled Clinician Course Director

Tel: 506-636-6000
Email: signindoc@gmail.com

Dr. Marc Nicholson, DMNB Interprofessional Education Program Director

Tel: 506-636-6000
Email: info.dmnb@dal.ca

Dr. Lisa Searle, Director of Faculty Development

Tel: 506-857-5711
Email: lsearle@dal.ca

Dr. Brian Wheelock, DMNB Research In Medicine (RIM) Course Director

Tel: 506-636-6000
Email: info.dmnb@dal.ca

Dr. David Vaillancourt, Clerkship Director, Fredericton

Tel: 506-447-4135
Email: dvaillancourt@dal.ca 

Dr. Robert Boulay, Clerkship Director, Miramichi

Tel: 506-636-6000
Email: rboulay@dal.ca

Dr. Marc Blayney, Clerkship Director, Moncton

Tel: 506-860-2331
Email: dr.marc.blayney@horizonnb.ca

Dr. Rudy Stocek, Clerkship Director Waterville (URVH)

Tel: 506-375-2922
Email: c/o deborah.lutes@horizonnb.ca

Dr. Donald Colford, Clerkship Director, DMNB Obstetrics/Gynecology, Saint John

Tel: 506-648-6595
Email: megan.dow@horizonnb.ca

Dr. Sarah Gander, Clerkship Director, DMNB Paediatrics

Tel: 506-648-6595
Email: megan.dow@horizonnb.ca

Dr. Emily Maxan, Clerkship Director, DMNB Psychiatry

Tel: 506-648-6000
Email: emily.maxan@horizonnb.ca


Staff Leadership

Tricia Cole, Simulated Patient Educator

Tel: 506-636-6017
Email: tricia.cole@dal.ca

Angela Hogan, Manager Faculty Development & Engagement

Tel: 506-636-6008
Email: angela.hogan@dal.ca

Erinor Jacob-Levine, Communications Coordinator

Tel: 506-636-6279
Email: erinor.jacob@dal.ca

Pam Murphy, Student Affairs Coordinator

Tel: 506-636-6007
Email: pam.murphy@dal.ca

Stephanie Rutherford, Simulated Patient Educator

Tel: 506-636-6264
Email: stephanie.rutherford@dal.ca

Natalie Vautour, Operations Manager

Tel: 506-636-6019
Email: natalie.vautour@dal.ca



Courtney Boudreau, Instruction and Liaison Librarian (Temporary)

Tel: 506-648-5693
Email: courtney.boudreau@dal.ca  

Dr. Keith Brunt, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology

Email: keith.brunt@dal.ca
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Dr. Petra Kienesberger, Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Tel: 506-636-6000
Email: pkienesb@dal.ca
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Jackie Phinney, Instruction/Liaison Librarian (on leave)

Tel: 506-648-5693
Email: j.phinney@dal.ca

Dr. Thomas Pulinilkunnil, Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Tel: 506-636-6000
Email: tpulinil@dal.ca
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JoAnne Burke, Curriculum Coordinator (Med II)

Email: joanne.burke@dal.ca

Rebecca Comeau, Curriculum Coordinator (Med I)

Tel: 506-636-6262
Email: rebecca.comeau@dal.ca  

Lorie deVarennes, Administrative Assistant, Research Department & Project Development

Tel: 506-636-6251
Email: lorie.devarennes@dal.ca

Kelly Flowers, Administrative Assistant to Dr. Jennifer Hall and Dr. Robert Boulay

Tel: 506-636-6979
Email: kelly.flowers@dal.ca

Michelle Glaspy, Administrative Clerk

Tel: 506-636-6970
Email: michelle.glaspy@dal.ca

John Jefferson, Videoconference Production Analyst

Tel: 506-636-6263
Email: john.jefferson@dal.ca

Boon Kek, Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life Education Specialist, Occupational Medicine

Tel: 506-636-6998
Email: boon.kek@dal.ca

Graham MacKenney, Senior Technical Support Analyst

Tel: 506-636-6015
Email: graham.mackenney@dal.ca

Rattina Dasse Nadaradjan, Senior Lab Technologist

Tel: 506-977-3453
Email: rt713536@dal.ca

Rebecca Jamison, Curriculum Coordinator

Tel: 506-636-6985
Email: rebecca.jamison@dal.ca

Anne Theriault, Great-West Life, Occupational Medicine Research Associate

Tel: 506-636-6252
Email: a.theriault@dal.ca

Nikki Wellwood, Administrative Assistant to Dr. Anil Adisesh

Tel: 506-636-6252
Email: nikki.wellwood@dal.ca


Teaching site staff/faculty

Fredericton teaching site

Megan Gallant, Clerkship Coordinator

Tel: 506-447-4487
Email: megan.gallant@horizonnb.ca

Dr. Kristen Godin, Student Affairs

Tel: 506-452-5286
Email: dr.kristen.godin@horizonnb.ca

Miramichi teaching site

Tara Allison, Clerkship Coordinator (on leave)

Tel: 506-623-3341
Email: tara.allison@horizonnb.ca

Robyn Harris, Clerkship Coordinator (Temporary)

Tel: 506-623-3341
Email: robyn.harris@horizonnb.ca  

Dr. Jeff Hans, Student Affairs

Tel: 506-622-1971
Email: jeffhans@rogers.com 

Moncton teaching site

Martine McKay, Clerkship Coordinator

Tel: 506-860-2331
Email: martine.mckay@horizonnb.ca

Dr. Sylvie Ouellette, Student Affairs

Saint John teaching site

Megan Dow, Clerkship Coordinator

Tel: 506-648-6595
Email: megan.dow@horizonnb.ca

Waterville (URVH) teaching site

Deborah Lutes, Clerkship Coordinator

Tel: 506-375-2922
Email: deborah.lutes@horizonnb.ca


Halifax-based staff

Peggy Alexiadis-Brown, Program Evaluation Specialist

Tel: 902-494-7712
Email: palexiad@dal.ca

Charles Currie, Senior Technologist

Tel: 902-494-6105
Email: charles.currie@dal.ca

Brian Fisher, Resource Coordinator

Tel: 902-494-2867
Email: brian.fisher@dal.ca

David Miller, Videoconference Production Analyst

Tel: 902-494-6105
Email: david.miller@dal.ca

Sean Redmond, Videoconference Production Analyst

Tel: 902-494-6105
Email: s.redmond@dal.ca

Shawn Still, Videoconference Production Analyst

Tel: 902-494-6105
Email: shawn.still@dal.ca

Ian Taylor, DMNB Technical Operations Manager

Tel: 902-494-6055
Cell: 902-456-8566
Email: ian.taylor@dal.ca