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Dr. Anil Adisesh measures toxic metals in toenails for prostate cancer
According to Prostate Cancer Canada, very little is known about the triggers of prostate cancer. There have been several previous studies that have suggested a link between toxic metals like cadmium and arsenic and prostate cancer.

A New Director at the Helm of DMNB's Skilled Clinician Course
A quiet summer day on the DMNB campus is broken by the hustle and bustle of staff preparing for the new academic year. A crucial component to the medical students’ education is their clinical skills sessions...

For the love of research: Dal med student leading author on paper published in renowned society journal
Brandon Rosvall is the primary author of Impact of Obesity on Intensive Care Unit Resource Utilization After Cardiac Operations published recently by The Society of Thoracic Surgeons. This is Brandon’s first major research project and has ignited a love of research and left him excited for future research projects.

Making breathing easier for heart patients
Sherlock Holmes move over! A classic example of detective work to determine the cause of air-hunger in heart patients has been conducted by Dr. Keith Brunt, Assistant Professor Pharmacology, Dalhousie University and Dr. Jeremy Simpson, Associate Professor Human Health & Nutritional Studies, University of Guelph. Their findings, published in Science Translational Medicine today will fundamentally change textbooks on this disease process.

Students helping students: a DMNB student led initiative
In his first year as a medical student, Sean Gormley (Class of 2019) participated in an inter-professional education program where he met a first-year Respiratory Therapy (RT) student from the New Brunswick Community College (NBCC).

Q & A with Dr. Robert Boulay, assistant dean, DMNB clinical education
A family physician in Miramichi, New Brunswick for over twenty five years, Dr. Boulay has been involved in medical education since 1996 when he received his first faculty appointment with Dalhousie Medical School.

Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick agreement renewed
...students, faculty and representatives from the three partners involved in Dal’s Medicine program in New Brunswick — Dal, the University of New Brunswick and the provincial government — gathered to celebrate the renewal of their tripartite agreement.

Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick researcher wins big on national stage
Dr. Thomas Pulinilkunnil, assistant professor in Dalhousie Medical School’s Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, recently received a national Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) grant – the first one ever awarded in New Brunswick.

Q & A with Dr. Wendy Stewart, director, Humanities-HEALS
A pediatric neurologist from Dundee, Scotland, Dr. Wendy Stewart is now the director of the Humanities-HEALS program at Dalhousie. Her new role as director allows her to pursue her love of learning, music, education and teaching.

Q & A with Dr. Jennifer Hall, associate dean, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick
A practising family physician for 20 years and currently practising in Saint John, Dr. Jennifer Hall has been appointed the associate dean, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick. Her five year term begins January 1, 2015.

Sharing ideas and cultivating collaboration
A typical summer day in the new biomedical research lab at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick (DMNB) sees students of various backgrounds working alongside each other and the six principal investigators based in the lab.

Dr. Thomas Pulinilkunnil, Eliminating the global burden of cardiac disease
“Wanting to seek [an] answer for the pathology of heart disease and eliminate the global burden of cardiac disease,” is part of what drives Dr. Thomas Pulinilkunnil to conduct his research on cardiac metabolism and energetics.

Dr. Keith Brunt, Translational Cardiovascular Medical Research, Regenerative Medicine and Experimental Therapeutics
“I have a major interest in understanding how cells adapt to stress and how the body heals. I believe in enhancing and mimicking those mechanisms in order to develop innovative therapeutic strategies to treat cardiovascular disease” Dr. Brunt explained.

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