DMNB Leadership Team

Dr. Jennifer Hall

Associate Dean
Tel: 506-636-6979
Email: jennifer.hall@dal.ca

Dr. Anthony Reiman

Assistant Dean, Research and Canadian Cancer Society Research Chair at UNB
Tel: 506-636-6000
Email: anthony.reiman@horizonnb.ca

Dr. Robert Boulay

Assistant Dean, Clinical Education; Clerkship Director, Miramichi
Tel: 506-636-6000
Email: rboulay@dal.ca

Dr. Lisa Searle

Director of Faculty Development
Tel: 506-857-5711
Email: lsearle@dal.ca

Dr. Lisa Sutherland

Director of Student & Resident Affairs
Tel: 506-643-1431
Email: sutherll@dal.ca

Pamela Bourque

Chief Operating Officer
Tel: 506-636-6003
Email: pamela.bourque@dal.ca