Why Would I Want to Teach?

  • A method for practicing health care providers to remain current and engaged
  • Faculty are contributing to the next generation of medical professionals
  • Learners are curious and eager to learn
  • A community of practice evolves related to teaching and permits engagement with various interprofessional health care providers

How do I get involved?

Med 1 & 2 (Pre-Clerkship)

Faculty are invited at any time to express interest in a specific teaching role by contacting Angela Hogan (angela.hogan@dal.ca). In the spring of each academic year, recruitment occurs to ensure all Med 1 and Med 2 teaching roles are filled for the upcoming academic year. It is at this time faculty are contacted and available teaching opportunities are discussed.

Med 3 & 4 (Clerkship)

Physicians and interprofessional teachers are required to provide learning and assessment opportunities as learners move through clerkship. Teaching roles for clerkship are managed by departments within the local affiliated hospitals.    

DMNB Faculty and Learner Testimonials


Dr. Vicki Munro on the rewards of teaching:


Dr. Kavish Chandra on the value of tutors: