Teaching Opportunities at DMNB

New Brunswick faculty are fundamental in the delivery of Dalhousie University's Undergraduate Medical Curriculum. Teaching roles include face-to-face, tutorials (virtual), and teaching within a clinical setting.

Med 1 & 2 (Pre-Clerkship Years)

For the first two years of medical school (Med 1 and Med 2), DMNB learners are based  out of Saint John, NB. The pre-clerkship years offer a basic foundational knowledge in anatomy and systems of the human body, as well as the philosophical and ethical aspects of medicine.

These years include structured lectures, labs and tutorials, a research in Medicine program, electives and self-directed learning. At the end of Med 1, learners will spend a week working alongside a rural physician within a local New Brunswick community.

Teaching at DMNB

Faculty are invited at any time to express interest in a specific teaching role. In February of each academic year recruitment occurs to ensure all MED 1 and MED 2 teaching roles are filled for the upcoming academic year. It is at this time faculty are contacted and available teaching opportunities are discussed.

Pre-Clerkship Teaching Roles:

Case Based Learning Tutor

  • Two 2-hour sessions delivered each week (units vary from 4 to 13 weeks in duration)
  • For blocks greater than 8 weeks in duration, unit time may be split at the mid-point (for assessment purposes) allowing teaching to be shared between 2 tutors
  • Tutors may choose to teach one or more units within an academic year
  • Remuneration is provided for teaching time, preparation time (1 hour for each hour of teaching) and mandatory Faculty Development workshops
  • Case Based Tutor preparation/faculty development is required and will be offered prior to and during your role as tutor

Skilled Clinician Program - Med 1

  • Taught in small groups (4 students)
  • Focus is on communication skills, history-taking, and physical examination skills
  • All sessions taught at DMNB in the Learning Resource Centre
  • Year delivered over 35 weeks from September to May
  • 3 1/2 hour teaching commitment per week shared with a colleague
  • Remuneration is provided for teaching time and required Faculty Development workshops

Family Medicine Med 1 Experience (FMEX)

In recognition of the literature that supports earlier exposure to Family Medicine in the pre-clerkship positively influences Family Medicine as a career choice, all Med 1 students will have a clinical family medicine experience. This experience will also provide the opportunity for students to enhance their communication and physical examination skills that they have learned in Skilled Clinician. Each Med 1 student will complete a 6-week longitudinal Family Medicine rotation with a family physician for a half day a week (Monday or Tuesday afternoon) for the 6 consecutive weeks.

Skilled Clinician Program - Med 2

  • Taught in small groups (3-4 students)
  • Advanced skills
  • Majority of sessions taught at DMNB in the LRC with scheduled visits to a variety of departments in the SJRH and the St. Joseph's Eye Clinic, possible visits to the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation, and physician offices
  • Year one delivered over 35 weeks (mid September to May)
  • Year two major units delivered in 3-5 week blocks, minor units in one session, from August to May
  • 4-hour teaching commitment per week (3 hours face-to-face teaching, one hour prep)
  • Remuneration is provided for teaching time and required Faculty Development workshops


  • Taught in groups of 6-8, occasionally a full class of 30
  • Typically, a single event commitment (2-4 hour) specialty specific
  • Conducted in the learning resource centre and anatomy lab
  • Remuneration is provided for teaching time and mandatory Faculty Development workshop

Research in Medicine (RIM) - Mentor

  • Help students develop a project plan and proposal
  • Assist student in obtaining ethical approval (if needed)
  • Meet at least quarterly with the student to monitor progress


Unit Overview and Descriptions for Med 1 & 2


Med 3 & 4 (Clerkship Years)

Clerkship, completed over two academic years (Med 3 and Med 4), offers learners opportunity to apply learning in a variety of clinical settings and across a variety of medical specialties.

Clerkships take place in teaching sites across the Maritimes, with opportunities to travel across Canada and internationally.

Physician and interprofessional teachers are required to provide learning and assessment opportunities as learners move through their Med 3 and Med 4 years. Teaching roles for Med 3 and Med 4 are filled and managed by departments within the local affiliated hospitals.

Med 3 - Core Clinical Rotation Units

Med 3 - Clerkship (Block)

Med 3 begins with a brief overview of the basic skills and procedures taught in Med 1 and Med 2 to prepare for clerkship. After this refresher, learners move out of the classroom and into affiliated hospitals and teaching sites for clinical rotations.

Med 3 runs from September to September of each year, followed by designated time for your exams.

Med 3 - Clerkship (Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship Dalhousie) LICD

The longitudinal integrated clerkship is for a limited number of Med 3 students. The core clerkship units are organized into an integrated community-based program (i.e., students in the LICD do not follow the traditional, block-based Med 3 clerkship program). The emphasis for the LICD is on the continuity of patient-centered care.