Silver Shovel

Constant commitment

The MD Class of 1965 established the "Professor of the Year Award," also known as the "Silver Shovel Award" to honour medical school professors who show dedication, compassion, and a true commitment to their medical students. The award itself is a work of art; it was carved by Dr. Merv Shaw'65 out of maple grown on Dr. James Ross'51’s Nova Scotia farm. Birdseye maple was used for the caduceus and pine was used for the pinecone. This award is presented at the Convocation Gala Dinner by the graduating class presidents annually.



Past award recipients

2014 Dr. Geoffrey Williams
2013 Dr. Brock Vair’76
2012 Dr. Peter Green’95
2011 Dr. Brock Vair’76
2010 Dr. Gord Gubitz PGM’95
2009 Dr. Lynn MacLeod
2008 Dr. Richard Langley’90
2007 Dr. Ian Mobbs
2006 Dr. Mohsin Rachid
2005 Dr. Munaa Kareemi
2004 Dr. Benjamin Schelew’89
2003 Dr. Munaa Kareemi
2002 Dr. John A.Ross
2001 Dr. John Ross
2000 Dr. G.Bullock
1999 Dr. K.D.Blake
1998 Dr. S.E.Shea PGM’83
1997 Dr. Brock Vair’76
1996 Dr. J.A.Ross
1995 Dr. C.W.McCormick’69
1994 Dr. F.E.Willms PGM’82
1993 Dr. G.Gill
1992 Dr. P.D.Roy’74
1991 Dr. R. A. Purdy’74
1990 Dr. William R. Wrixon’67
1989 Dr. R. A. Purdy’74
1988 Dr. D.C.Young’73
1987 Dr. William R. Wrixon’67
1986 Dr. D.T. Janigan’57
1985 Dr. A.C.Irwin
1984 Dr. D.T. Janigan’57
1983 Dr. C.R.Dean’75
1982 Dr. J.G. Holland’63
1981 Dr. J.G. Holland’63
1980 Dr. J.F. Nicholson’37
1979 Dr. W.R. Wrixon’67
1977 Dr. J.R. Dill
1976 Dr. P. Flynn PGM’62
1975 Dr. D. Jiminez
1974 Dr. J.D. Gray PGM’71
1973 Dr. T.J. Murray’63
1972 Dr. R.L. Saunders
1971 Dr. J.F. Nicholson’37
1970 Dr. P.C.MacLeod
1969 Dr. B. St.J.Brown
1968 Dr. W. Nicholas’58
1967 Dr. P.C. Gordon’55
1966 Dr. D.O. W. Waugh
1965 Dr. Allan MacLeod’50
1964 Dr. R.L. Ozere
1963 Dr. R.O. Jones’37