Mentorship and Support

Sophia B. Jones Mentorship Program

The creation of the Sophia B. Jones Mentorship Program is to establish and enhance connections for Black students with health professionals in their field of study by providing guidance through academic and professional development. Increased supports have shown to improve completion rates of programs, decrease student stress levels, and increase self-efficacy. Representation at the faculty and staff level is lacking, especially for Black medical students, through the mentorship program PLANS hopes to assist in narrowing that gap by partnering with physicians working in the community. Providing mentoring continues a legacy of capacity building to further enhance matters of Black health.

The program is named after Sophia B. Jones the first recorded Canadian born Black woman to become a physician. Born in Ontario, as a Black woman, she was denied entry into Canadian Medical schools but continued to pursue her dream and attended medical school in Michigan. She was a pioneer in her field contributing many publications on the advancement of Black health. The program was named after her as a nod to her perseverance and to honour the progress of Black women and Black peoples in medicine.

Goals of the Program:

  • Create learning opportunities and connection for Black medical students with physicians in varying practice areas
  • A bilateral exchange of transferable skills between Mentor and Mentee to augment professional development
  • Ability to increase social capital through growth of network connections and community ties
  • Empowerment of mentees to become mentors to future medical students


The program runs for 12 months and Mentor/Mentee pairs will meet, at least, once every other month.

Mentors: Being a Mentor provides an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise, increase networking, and self-reflection. To qualify as a mentor a physician is in their second year of residency or higher and able to commit to the role and bi-monthly communications with mentees.

Role of Mentor (resident or practicing physician):

  • Provide guidance on mentee’s professional development goals as identified for academic and professional endeavors
  • Identify resources available for academic and professional success
  • Sharing lived experiences as appropriate
  • Expanding your mentee’s network by connecting to others in the field
  • Encourage continued reflection on mentorship program participation

Mentor Application Form

Mentees: All medical students at the undergraduate level (Med1-4) who self-identify as Black/African Nova Scotia/African Canadian upon enrolment are invited to apply to participate in the program.

Role of Mentee (Medical Student):

  • Commitment to initiating and maintaining mentor/mentee appointments
  • Creation of goals in collaboration with Mentor for academic success and professional development
  • Thoughtful reflection, engagement and openness to Mentors advisement
  • Sharing your knowledge and experience with Mentor

Mentee Application Form

Pre-Medicine Mentorship Program

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“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” –Oprah Winfrey 

PLANS provides mentorship in a variety of ways to members of the African Nova Scotian community. From community or school presentations, individual meetings with advisors or health professionals from the community, or group mentoring sessions related to specific communities of practice (i.e. current medical students, nursing students).

Mentorship topics include:

  • Studying skills
  • Time management
  • Research skills
  • MCAT support
  • Interview preparation

Contact if you are interested in any of these mentorship or academic support opportunities.