Q.    Who can use the Resident Affairs services?
The Resident Affairs Office offers support services to all Dalhousie residents. 

Q.    How do I access services if I am located at a distributed site?
 Resident Affairs offers appointments in person, phone or online (Teams). Appointments can be arranged by contacting us via email or by calling the main office number. We will make every effort to accommodate your clinical schedule.

Q.    Are the services confidential?
Yes, our services are confidential. Information about you, the type of services you access, and the context of your session cannot be released without your written permission, with the following exceptions - information indicating that you may constitute a risk to yourself or to others, information indicating that a child needs protection and information that leads to concerns about patient or public safety.

Q.    Is there a maximum number of sessions I can receive?
No, there is no limit on the number of sessions available to you. As well our services and supports are free of charge.

Q.    What do I do if I am experiencing intimidation or harassment at work?
Resident Affairs offers support for learners who have encountered mistreatment within the learning environment. As well, the Postgraduate Medical Education Office has developed guidelines on harassment and intimidation

Q.    What services does Resident Affairs offer?
A.    The Resident Affairs office can assist you with a range of personal and professional concerns. The program has been created to promote and support the health and wellness for our residents. We can help you work through and effectively cope with concerns such as stress and time management, burnout, substance abuse, anxiety, career concerns, life transitions, and relationships.

If you have other questions not addressed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.