The Resident Affairs office provides support services for postgraduate students in the Faculty of Medicine. Residency can be a stressful period of training and can put you at risk of burnout and mental health issues.

Our focus is to improve the quality of life and general well being of residents, providing support to those in distress, and developing individualized wellness programs and workshops.

Resident health and well being is a priority of the Resident Affairs office and we are here to listen and provide you support and guidance. We offer:

  • Free and confidential coaching (in-person, phone, Microsoft Teams, Skype or Facetime)
  • Connections to community resources & other helping professionals
  • Workshops on relevant health and wellness topics
  • Wellness library of resources
  • Stress and time management
  • Transitioning and progressing in residency
  • Self care  

We have compiled relevant resources, tools and opportunities learners to promote and maintain their wellness in a variety of domains:  

  1. Physical Well Being
  2. Professional Well Being
  3. Mental Well Being

Resident Wellness Resources

Resident Wellness Resources

Resident Wellness Resources

Dalhousie Faculty of Wellness has also put together a detailed list of available resources for all learners and Residents.