Society of Chemical Industry Student Merit Award

This award (an engraved plaque) may be made to the honours graduate in Biochemistry with the highest standing in the final year. A minimum of 75% is required.

Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of our top students.

Year Student
2020 Noa Sorbara
2019 Chloe Ma
2018 Nicole Easton
2017 Dandan Zhao
2016 Shuya (Kate) Huang
2015 Benjamin Morash
2014 Alexander MacLellan
2013 Matthew Foss
2012 Aled Antony Iaboni
2011 Ryan Marko
2010 Aaron Banks
2009 Matthew MacDowell
2008 Asra'a Abidali
2007 Natalie Parks
2006 Jordan Pinder
2005 Tyler Reddy
2004 Ferhan Siddiqi
2003 Elizabeth McCaw
2002 Nisa Howell